Archive | June, 2008

Adding the human touch back into B2B lead generation

I don’t know about you, but as a b-to-b marketer who focuses on telesprospecting and lead nurturing, even I’m a bit overwhelmed by the fervor around social media marketing. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve blogged for five years, and I’ve been Twittered, LinkedIn, Facebooked—and I’m waiting to be Pownced.

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Marketing to the SMB

Over the holiday I read four business books but only one stood out as a “must read.” The book is “Drilling for Gold” by John Warrillow, and it’s full of very practical and insightful approaches to winning in the small/medium business (SMB) market. Here are some US Census Bureau statistics that surprised me.

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New B2B Study Shows White Paper Importance

Just arrived back from the MarketingProf’s convention with a fresh new study in hand from MarketingProfs Research Insights. What’s interesting about this study is the examination of white papers in relation to B2B sales leads. What follows is a detailed review of the findings:

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