Archive | February, 2008

Making B2B Marketing Messages More Memorable

In B2B marketing, when you have many potential buyers who are involved in the buying process, how do you connect with these people in a memorable way? If you look at most lead generation messages, they often contain industry jargon and abstract ideas. Interestingly, that’s part of the reason many of them don’t work. Our […]

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Bringing Edge to your Marketing Team

Ask a Sales VP “did you make your quota last quarter?” and you get a “yes/no” answer. Ask a Marketing VP, “did you make your numbers last quarter?” and you get a blank look. Why is that? Most CEOs don’t hold their Marketers and PR firm as accountable as Sales because, presumably and mistakenly, they’ve […]

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The ‘White Paper’ Secret Weapon (Don’t Share This!)

Writing persuasive white papers? Trying to sell with your paper? What I am about to share… is my secret weapon. (Frankly, I cannot believe I am even documenting this.) If you want to influence your readers buying behavior—especially if you’re targeting business professionals—then you need to make sure your white paper has one of these.

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