Archive | October, 2007

Enhancing Landing Pages With Spoken Words

Can you couple audio with white paper landing pages and improve online registrations? Read on to find the answer. I was recently hosting a teleclass with lead generation expert Brian Carroll. One of the attendees asked about marketing strategies with white papers.

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Marketing’s Role in Closing Deals

When people think of “Marketing” they often think “advertising”, “PR”, or “promotions.” But Marketing can also play a valuable role in helping sales reps close deals. How? We offer three areas where Marketers can focus their efforts, where the rubber meets the road–at the point of sale. We believe a purchase occurs when all three […]

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Where’s the Passion in B2B Marketing?

I recently spoke at MarketingSherpa’s Demand Generation Summit Boston and I felt led to go off topic for a bit to address why I do, what I do. Personally, I’ve been pondering the idea of passion and what role it plays in our careers as marketers or leaders. Read Mike Volpe’s summary of my presentation […]

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