5 Practical White Paper Marketing Tips

So you put the hard work and sweat into producing a killer white paper. Now what?? The “post and hope” syndrome is unfortunately a common outcome. Post the white paper up on your website and hope…

What follows are five things you can do to gain more exposure for your white paper:

1. Advertise ONLY your paper in your pay-per-click ads: Rather than advertising your company or product, advertise the paper and see your clicks increase along with opportunity. Reading a “free” white paper might be more compelling for many prospects.

2. Use as a “call to action” in direct mail ads: If you send existing direct mail to prospects, use the white paper as a “reason” for people to visit your site. Create a star burst with a blurb for your paper and a special URL.

3. Email your list: Either notify your readers about the new white paper in a dedicated email or simply create an ad for your white paper and place it into you existing newsletters. This gives your readers a reason to go to your site and helps move prospects into the sales funnel.

4. Add a white paper ad to your blog: Put a thumbnail image of your white paper into your blog’s navigation column. People that frequent your blog might want to find out more and placing the white paper where they can find it is a smart move.

5. Advertise the paper in your email signature: If you’re like me, you send and reply to hundreds of emails daily. Why not use your email signature as an ad for your white paper? “See our latest white paper: 10 Reasons You Fail and How to Succeed…” You get the point.

Have you tried any of these? What are your thoughts?

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