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Selling to the CFO – A Dinner Conversation

“Make it a double” barked Chris to the bartender to be heard above the restaurant din. “Guess your boss came down on you pretty hard, huh?” said Jo. “Well, I’m angry with myself more than anyone else for not being able to keep a two hundred thousand deal from evaporating” replied Chris.

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On Alignment between Marketing and Finance

Many marketers are quickly approaching their favorite time of year. Okay, not really. I’m of course talking about budget time. When I see the challenge that marketers face when it comes to getting their budgets approved, I wonder why it has to be so hard? Last year, I highlighted a report by MarketingSherpa which concludes […]

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5 Practical White Paper Marketing Tips

So you put the hard work and sweat into producing a killer white paper. Now what?? The “post and hope” syndrome is unfortunately a common outcome. Post the white paper up on your website and hope… What follows are five things you can do to gain more exposure for your white paper:

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