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Let your customers help you make it memorable

In last week’s post we explored the importance of creating a memorable experience for your customers. Today’s customers are one click away from finding someone else to meet their needs which means you need to knock them dead every time. While your competitors can match your prices, copy your products or services and even hire away […]

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Stop Worrying About Keywords, How To Win On Facebook, Productivity Tools For SM Marketers, #Speedlink 06:2016

Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week! Should you ditch keyword targeting entirely? There’s been a lot of discussion around the idea of focusing on broad topics and concepts to satisfy searcher intent, but it’s a big step to take and could potentially hurt your rankings. In Ran’s Whiteboard Friday below, […]

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Marketing idea: What does your customer experience?

The concept of creating a memorable customer experience is nothing new. Companies like Disney, Zappos and Ritz Carlton have become famous for how their customers rave about doing business with them. Who doesn’t know the famous Ritz Carlton line “we are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen?” So the concept has been around for a while, […]

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Marketing Tip #47: What’s your oops plan?

Every business needs to have an oops plan — a pre-determined course of action that allows you to make amends with your customers when something goes wrong. This isn’t something you can create on the fly — it needs to be something that is rehearsed and ready to take off the shelf at a moment’s […]

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