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No one wants to be sold

Here’s a truth we seem to want to ignore — no one wants to be sold. Ever. Think about some of your favorite stores.  Beyond the merchandise they have – what do you love about going there?  Odds are your favorite stores became your favorites because of the experience you had.  So you go back […]

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Video: Make Your Website A New Client Driver

How To Pull Prospects Along The In-Bound Journey I was talking to a leader of a professional service firm the other day who said – our website is our store-front.  I think there is great wisdom in this statement.  In today’s digital world, people believe what they read, see and hear.  Much of that reading, […]

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How to Develop a Mobile Content Strategy

The digital marketing landscape changes by the hour. Each passing minute sees an increasing number of users turn to their smartphones and tablets for shopping and searching. This makes your company’s mobile content strategy more important than ever. Thanks to the ever-evolving marketing landscape, your company must stay on its toes and constantly adapt to […]

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Social Media Image Cheat Sheet 2015

From Twitter and Facebook to Tumblr and YouTube, the new social subconscious has gone digital. For people and businesses alike, this means the new visual standards of social media are their problem. Sure, a lot of these sites include some surprisingly powerful and easy-to-use automation tools for setting up a nice looking account page. The […]

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The Why, What & How of a Lead-to-Revenue Assessment, Part 1 – The Why & What

In today’s B2B companies, marketing and sales alignment is critical to success. Proper alignment is the result of a documented, effective, efficient and measurable process for capturing, engaging, nurturing, managing and converting leads into customers. Unfortunately, few B2B organizations focus on creating, implementing and executing a defined marketing and sales process. Instead, they embrace trendy […]

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Dollar cost averaging equals marketing

dollar cost averaging equals marketing If we’ve learned anything over the last decade it’s that the stock market is volatile and difficult to predict with precision. Even Warren Buffet can’t tell you exactly when a stock will go hot or drop like a rock. Which is how the whole concept of dollar cost averaging came […]

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