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How to Build Credibility Via Third Party Content

The Center for Media Research released a Research Brief reporting on a new survey that found “consumers rely on credible, third party content more than branded content or user reviews when making decisions.” On behalf of the entire public relations industry let me be the first to say, “WE TOLD YOU SO!” After all, this […]

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4 Ways Content Marketing Helps B2B Businesses?

Companies that are business-to-business (B2B) by nature will have to market their brands using a different game strategy than the B2C (business-to-consumers). There is a lot of strategies that B2B companies can adopt but in my opinion, content marketing is still the best and the most effective strategy for them. Here are the 4 ways […]

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Danger! Distraction ahead!

There’s a lot of discussion around the notion that our attention spans are shortening. Forbes recently blamed it on social media and the nonstop 24/7 media barrage. While I think our uber plugged in lives certainly contributes, there’s more to the story. Yes, we are being bombarded with more information than ever before but we […]

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Why Do Brands Need Enemies

A brand needs to have enemies. Without enemies, the brand will never grow. Coca Cola cannot live without Pepsi; without Coca-Cola, Pepsi will not innovate to build its brand further. Here we are not talking about fighting with swords and knives; but we are talking about how the brand can challenge its enemies (competitors) with […]

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6 Things to Know About Call Recording

Call recording is a somewhat unsung feature of LogMyCalls. But it shouldn’t be. Calls that come through LogMyCalls are recorded. LogMyCalls clients can then log in to the application and listen to the calls. In fact, we have clients that subscribe to LogMyCalls exclusively for the call recording. Call recording is critical for any business, […]

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Should you be a content marketer?

Content marketing.  It seems like everyone’s talking about it. But what exactly is it and what can it do for your business? Odds are, if you’re doing any marketing at all — you’re at least accidentally dabbling in content marketing. But, should you be a content marketer?  Let’s look. First — it goes by many […]

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