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First stage of the funnel – Know

Last week we explored how your website should be thought of as a selling tool and with some planning and vision – you can use it to move a prospect through the know • like • trust = sales funnel and earn their business. This week, I’d like to dig in a little deeper and […]

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Is your website funnel-shaped?

For the next couple weeks, we’re going to focus our attention on your website. There’s always a lot of buzz about SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and of course, Google rankings. Rightly so – each of those plays a role in how effectively your website can serve you from a marketing and […]

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8 Ways Blogging Can Bring You More for Your Business

You have a website, you share information on your Facebook, and you send clever tweets out about your products and company philosophy. You may think that you shouldn’t have to do any more online in order to continue to promote your business. The truth is you can do even more than the typical online activity […]

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Let your benefits tell your story

Let your benefits tell your story.  What does that mean?  Most prospects and customers have no idea what your company’s mission statement or tagline is but they definitely know how they felt when they did business with you.  Those experiences spark more word of mouth marketing than anything else. The interactions your employees have with […]

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Is your Facebook page dead in the water?

The organic (natural, without paying any money) reach of your Facebook page has never been something to write home about (you’d be lucky with 13-18%) but now it’s even less. The simplest explanation is – as more content is created (by both our friends and the brands we’ve liked) there simply isn’t enough real estate. […]

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