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What don’t you know?

Take off your “I’m trying to be healthier” hat for a minute and answer honestly. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could start every meal with one of your favorite desserts? You either said yes or you’re lying! Of course it would be great to do that – desserts are not only tasty but they’re […]

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5 Reasons Why PointClear Could Be Your Dream Employer

Industry Leaders Since 1997 It all started in 1997.  President, CEO, and Founder, Dan McDade, created one of the first (and one of the best) teleprospecting companies. The goal was to help companies identify high quality leads, and not clog their sales pipelines with unqualified and low quality leads. By generating 100% qualified leads, we […]

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Announcing our New Look!

After weeks of brainstorming, a million and a half emails, countless phone calls, and months of hard work, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our updated blog and website! ViewPoint, our redesigned blog, and our new interactive website now features responsive design with simplified navigation for quick and easy access to the information […]

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Do you really understand your buyers?

Do you really understand your buyers? No matter what you sell or whether your buyers are purchasing your wares for themselves or on behalf of their company – you are selling to human beings and they’re an odd bunch.  They make decisions based on some very odd triggers, beliefs and reactions. Yet somehow, we have […]

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Your 80/20 marketing plan

One of the age-old rules in business is that 80% of your revenue is generated through 20% of your customer base. While the numbers may not align perfectly – the axiom is accurate. Your best customers generate the lion’s share of your earnings. In fact, over the lifetime of your relationship, your most loyal customers […]

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